In today's industry being multi-skilled is crucial for the world of shrinking budgets and fast turn around, I bring varied experience to the table having worked as a camera operator, a photographer, a gaffer and a spark.

My crew services are available to hire on a day rate basis.

I also have a network of professional and reliable crew, so If I'm not available I can often recommend other great crew.



Having worked as a photographer for nearly 10 years and worked with lenses and light day in day out for a long time, have a chat with me to see what I can do for you.




Having had a varied background before finding my home in the electrical department, on small crew shoots I'm always happy to see where I can be of any help, offering advice on suitability of locations, sourcing practicals, to lending a hand set building, or drawing from my experience as a camera assistant.

One of the big requirements to shoot great video and films, is to have the right kit to do the job, having specialised in lighting in the last 5 years I have kit to cover smaller shoots and can help to source the best rental deals of any other kit required,  drop me an email for a list of what I have in house, or let me know what you require and i will look into sub hire to fullfill your needs.