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3 Degrees Media is founded by Peter Banks. Peter is primarily a film lighting technician (Spark) and Gaffer, he started out as a videography camera operator, with a varied background in photography, radio and events.

After learning the basics of lighting for my own videography and photography there became a growing demand for me to light for others, I have now spent 5 years specialising in Cinematography and lighting for productions, although I don't shoot much any more my beginnings behind the camera enables me communicate well with cameramen and DoPs do deliver outstanding results, whether that be consistent light for multi-camera Television, a highly finessed look for commercials or outside the box thinking for creative projects.


I have a long-standing passion for telling stories, sharing knowledge and a consistent drive to continually learn, develop and grow.

With my past experience in a variety of fields, I'm always keen to try new challenges or see where my skill base can benefit productions or projects of any scale.

Having spent over 10 years working in film and media since studying Media and television production at university, I went straight into freelancing as a photographer and videographer back in 2009, since then I have turned my hand to many things including documentary and events camera work, events management, and radio production.

I enjoy seeing where my years on set with large teams and many different talented professionals leads into a development in my style and skill.


As my skills and experience grow I also enjoy bringing this experience back to smaller local productions, for this, I am building up a modest lighting and camera kit package available for either wet or dry hire across the Midlands or wherever my van can get me to.

Outside of London or Manchester, it is often logistically difficult to kit up for lower budget shoots where delivery or collection from larger rental companies is often restrictive within time or budget.

I have a medium van, a varied selection of lighting kit but also stock some basic sound and camera gear as well as holding onto a few practicals and domestic fittings. 

On those rare occasions I'm not working, I enjoy getting out into the countryside for hiking and kayaking, and if I want to hide away indoors I enjoy cooking and a spot of DIY.