3° Media- kit hire





3° Media has been building up a stock of equipment in recent years.

We are keen to help local production companies get hold of kit in the Midlands where equipment hire is hard to come by. 

Our own kit comes at competitive rates, helping you / us tool up for small jobs without a lengthy trip or high cost of delivery from London or Birmingham rental houses.

For larger jobs, we can also help and advise you on the best options as well as assist in organising rental from other rental houses and lighting companies that we have strong links with.

Full kit list and rental fees on request.

Kit list: 



- Strand 2.5 Hmi

- Arri 1.2 compact hmi

- Arri 200 hmi

- Kobolt 200 hmi

- Kobolt 400 hmi

- Kino flo 4’ 4 bank x2

- kino flo flat head 80

- kino diva 200 55k/32k

- 1x1 litepannel (5600k only)

- 1x1 fomex

- 2x1 aladdin 


Lighting-  Tungsten.


-    Dedo 1KW 5ft Panaura

-    Arri 2k (studio) Fresnel

-    Arri 650 x2 

-    Arri 300

-    Photon beard 2k blonde open face

-    Desisti 650w Fresnel

-    Sachtler 650 w Fresnel

-    Arri 750 plus

-    Strand quartet 650w spotlight 22°/40°

-    Source 4 Junior

-    150w dedo light x2

-    1kw PAR 64 x2

-    x2 50w/75w par 16 (birdies)

-    x2 300w stage par 56

-    x2 1k / 500w Interfit stellar x solarlite

Lighting - flourecents

-    2x Encapsulite 4ft tubes

-    8x Encapsulite 2ft tubes

-    1x Encapsulite 4ft double T5 28w

-    4x Kino Flo 5600k e27 (tru match) lamps


lighting - LED


-    Aputure 120D bowens mount Led (200w Hmi equiv')

-    Fomex 1'x1' 

-    Aladin 2'x1'

-    1x 1'x1' Litepanel daylight (mains/vlock)

-    Aputure M9 ( great eye light)

-    3x camera top leds w/ npf

-    1x 1'x1' flexi led panel 24v

-    2x bi color led frosted tubes (like encaps) 24v



-    Double wind up stand

-    Single wind up stand 

-    x4 kupo steel combo stands double riser (3.29m)

-    x2 low boy combo

-    x2 C stand lazy leg w/ grip arm

-    x6 C stand w/turtle base + arms

-    x2 Baby C stand w/ grip arm + short grip arm

-    x4 28mm – 16mm reducer (pup adapter)

-    x2 alu combo (pup) single riser (1.31m)

-    Alli combo (pup) double riser (3.15m)

-    x5 light weight stands

-    x2  kupo boom arm (6ft)

-    super boom (8ft)

-    auto pole 2.10-3.7m

-    auto pole 1.5 -2.7m

-    x2 auto pole extension

-    x2 4x4 floppy

-    flag set M,M, L

-    net set single, double.

-    8'x8' ultra bounce

-    8'x8' full grid cloth

-    8'x8' half grid cloth

-    12x12 black

-    x2 8’x8’ china silk

-    12’x12’  china silk

-    8’x8’ single net

-    8’x8’ double net

-    8’x8’ black out

-    black out fabric various sizes

-   white and unbleached mus' fabric off cuts for scoop bounce etc

-    8'x 8' frame kit

-    6'x6' frame kit

-    x20 Sandbags

-    x6 theatre sandbags

-    x8 grip heads

-    Cardellini clamp end jaw long

-    Cardellini end jaw short

-    x4 Pelican clamp

-    Manfroto magic arm

-    Poly holder 2"

-    Poly holder 1'

-    x2 Big Ben clamps

-    16mm spigots

-    x 7 K clamp ( Manfroto super clamp)

-    Scaff clamp (16mm receiver)

-    x6 Safety cable

-    x3 grip arm extension rod

-    scaffold joiner

-   various scrims

-  pollies 4x4 3x3 2x2

-   frames 4x4, 3x3 2x2


63a>32a x2 FDU

63a 50ft

32a>16a x 2 (k9)

32a>16a x3  (k9)

32a 50ft

32a 25ft

32a 20ft

32a 8ft

 x4 16a 50ft      

 x2 16a 25ft    

 x2 16a 15ft

 x2 16a 6ft

 x7 13 > 16 jumper 

 x1 13 > 16 jumper inline  RCD       x4 16>13 tail single

 x1 16>13 tail double pad

 x1 16 >13 4way

 x1 16a tri chord

 x1 32 >16 jumper 

 x1 16>32

 x4 13a RCD plugin

 x213a 3m stinger

 x2 13a 5m stinger

 x2 13a 10m stinger

 x1 13a 10m double pad

 x1 13a drums 25m

 x2 13a drum 15m

 x3 13a 4way


Smoke machine 500w

Hazer 1500w 

dmx controled Moon ray (DJ light)

4 way dmx dimmer rack

4 way Programmable dmx dimmer rack 16 channel programmable DMX desk

6 ch dmx controller.

x4 2.5k inline dimmer

2k 2 channel dimmer

150w 12v inverter. 

6x Motorola comms

Electrical and power tools




C300 w/  Manfrotto 504 tripod and "Small Rig" rig.



Go pro hero 2

Memory cards and Batteries.



Canon 24-70 2.8 EF

Canon 24-105 4.0 EF 

Canon 17-55 2.8 EFS 

Canon 50 mm 1.4 EF 

Sigma EX 70-200 2.8 

Tokina 11-16 2.8

Samyang 24mm 1.5

Samyang 35mm 1.5

Samyang 50mm 1.5

Samyang 85mm 1.5

PL, Pro Mist + .3nd in 100x100mm



ssenhiser G3 wirelss kit

Rhode NTG2

Tascam dr40

Bheringer XM8500

Zoom h1

Boom poll

Seinhiser cans

Various xlrs + connectors


x3 godox de 300 300w 

x2 Godox flash transceivers    

yn 460 speed light     

x2 yn 622c transceivers     

canon 580exii     

canon remote shutter     

canon intervalometer