Terms and conditions:


3 Degrees Media aims always to deliver outstanding and professional products to our clients, often it can be difficult for clients to appreciate the time and costs involved with even the simplest of photography and video projects so please be aware of the following:

As we strive to deliver fantastic results, project requests must allow ample time for meticulous and creative pre-production, High quality and safe production as well rapid yet concise post production which may include some revisions of the finished product.

It must be noted that post production can be quite time consuming to achieve quality and some processes such as color grading, graphics and animation can alone take days. Even small revisions can take hours to render which mean sometimes can not be done straight away.

Please be aware we like to deliver exactly what you want, we therefore need a very clear idea of this before we even pick up a camera, any changes to originally agreed project scope will be subject to further charges.

Clients must be aware that not fulfilling all requirements requested by the 3° team often cause increase of workload, every effort will be made to bring you the best service and product, this may result in delay on agreed delivery time scale.

Any theft or damages incurred to 3° media's kit while working on location although insured will be the responsibility of the client and coverage of at the minimum insurance excess will be charged to the client.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, any dissatisfaction with product or major alterations on a creative basis outside of the parameters and stylistic choices out lined in the project scope will be a chargeable service.

Clients must be aware that some materials such as music graphics and even some typography may be subject to copyright, finding alternatives to that which is requested or supplied can be time consuming and often require purchase of a license which will incur further charges.

Reasonable turn around time is always our intent, on average we aim from shoot to delivery 2 weeks for photography and 1 month for video,  but we are running a business and your project is often one of many  we are working on so please be patient, expedited delivery can be discussed but will be subject to a fast track fee.

We love to always have a back up, a plan B and even a plan C, and have experience over the years of safe and efficient working methods to protect kit people and data, but if disaster strikes and something breaks on shoot and we are unable to capture what is requested, or data is corrupted or lost beyond our control we will always do everything in our power to rectify the situation and work out alternatives, but this will be out of goodwill and will not be held financially or legally indemnified for any loss suffered to the client.

Cancellations, although at times may be unavoidable,  they can have knock on impact on our ability to make a living from our business, we may well have gone out of our way to be free for your shoot date, pushed back or canceled other work, and maybe even incurred expenses organizing transport and kit. For this reason some cancellations may result in a cancellation fee to be payable. This fee may vary dependent on expenses and time scale, we will on average invoice you for all expenses already outlaid, and a further 20% of the day rate if the cancellation is with 7 days of the shoot and 40% if the cancellation is within 48 Hours of the shoot.